theatre arts

Our mission at Calvary Theater Arts is to present the Gospel of Christ through the use of the arts. The world has perverted the arts that the Lord created to beautiful to become something that is tainted and not glorifying to God. We want to take it back! Whether that be through theater, film, puppetry, miming etc. everything we do is for the purpose of furthering the Gospel. Join us in our mission to make disciples!

weekly meetings

adult theatre arts

We meet weekly on Thursdays from 6-8pm in the Theatre Room (located on the west-side of the CCO building).

youth theatre arts

Thursdays, 4:30 pm in the Theatre Room

This is a free program that teaches students ages 5-15 professional level theater arts to put on performances that all have a biblical message. We focus on workshops that involve teaching Stage Production, Pantomime, Acting techniques and much more.

*For the younger ages they must be able to read at least one sentence.

serve with us

join the team!

There are opportunities to serve in the following areas:

- Actor
- Assistant to the Director
- Costume Designers
- Graphic Artists
- House Manager
- Kitchen Manager

- Makeup & Hair
- Photography
- Properties Manager
- Promotions
- Set Construction
- Set Designers

"Beloved, do not imitate evil but imitate good. Whoever does good is from God; whoever does evil has not seen God."

3 John 1:11