Our mission is to declare truth to a generation that is steeped in confusion and deception.
We believe that winning our generation to Christ will not happen by conforming to it, but by transformational discipleship that first begins in us.
If we succeed in making genuine disciples of Christ, then the spiritual revival and awakening we yearn for will be realized.

New series

ABSOLUTE: Navigating the Cultural War on Truth

Our culture has declared war on truth. The concept of truth being absolute is being assaulted like an angry mob thirsting for blood. We live in a society that has no fear of destroying all of the known landmarks that have defined us for millennia. Geographically, we’re off the map with no sense of direction, like a compass that has no true north. Many are asking the same question that Pilate asked Jesus, “What is Truth?” Is truth absolute, knowable and unchanging? Or can it evolve with the changing times and be relative to the individual?

We all have a system of beliefs that define us. We look through a lens by which we interpret reality around us. But where do we get this system of beliefs? How is this lens formed? Did we learn it in school, from our family, cultural norms or someplace else? Whether we realize it or not, the beliefs we hold to form our worldview. Do you know what your worldview is? Can you define it?

Beginning August 4th, the CCO Young Adults invite you to join us in a worldview series to help address some of life’s most critical issues. We want to equip the next generation to not be conformed by culture, but to think critically and stand on truth. Are you willing to enter the battle for truth? Are you willing to become….Absolute?

Thursday nights at 7pm

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