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Dearest CCO family,
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Yesterday came with both great excitement and great vexation. As I returned home from a flurry of activity at the church to get services setup for the weekend I was met by a brother in Christ and attorney who informed me that the statement that our president made yesterday was not one that held legal weight. While I wanted what our president said to be sweeping and total, I was instead faced with the reality that even though our president said to open, we are still subject to the state and local authorities (Romans 13:1-8). Now, before you get all doom and gloom on me, we are not canceling in person services this weekend but rather making sure that we are in compliance with the state and local authorities by having our services outdoors. So if you reserved a spot to come, please come! If you have your own chair, bring it! We are still limiting how many can attend for now because of parking constraints and social distancing guidelines. Hopefully our governor will release some new guidelines in the coming week so that we can meet together in the building soon. Thank you for your grace, understanding, patience, and mercy.

Pastor Dan

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In fact, God is our priority. Through Jesus Christ each of us has entered into a personal relationship with the creator of the universe. When we meet together we all give ourselves to Him again in worship. We expect to encounter God in every meeting. Since God desires to speak to us, we emphasize the study of the Bible in our services and demand that our leaders spend time in prayer seeking God’s will.

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Every Christian who knows God and is surrendered to His Spirit can minister to others with biblical wisdom and spiritual gifts. As a church, we spend time encouraging, supporting, and serving each other. We strive to engage the love of God when strengthening the spiritual life of others. Calvary Chapel is a place for individuals, marriages, families, and children.

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While many people in our society resist God’s will, we embrace His kingdom and government. We are here to spread God’s love, truth and blessings to our nation and community as well as others in distant countries. The church is an instrument of God’s healing for people whose lives have been broken by rejection, abuse, addiction, death, and many other hurts which are present in our society. There is hope and we are here to proclaim the reality of the only hope of salvation to the world...Jesus Christ.