Salt & Light ministry

SALT & LIGHT is a Biblical Citizenship Ministry that exists to help educate and equip Christians in matters of family, church and civil government. We have Quarterly prayer & action meetings to discuss current hot topics and how we can engage the culture and protect our Christian Liberty. We offer opportunities for voter registration & provide non-partisan voting materials during election years.

The quarterly meetings are @ 2pm on the 3rd Sundays of: January, April, July & October.
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You can also receive timely group email blasts on vital current legislative and social-political issues. Simply click on the contact button below to provide us your EMAIL address, and we’ll keep you up to date and biblically informed!
If you need to change your Name, Address, or Party Affiliation, you will need to re-register. Please go to the link below if you live in San DiegoCounty, or pick up a voter registration form in the Church Office Monday thru Friday 9am-3pm.

Quarterly Meeting

Sunday, October 8 | 2pm

At the 4th quarter gathering on Sunday, October 8 @ 2pm, we’re “going local” with our program focus. Your neighborhood, your city, and our greater San Diego North County area will be in the spotlight.
We know from Romans 13:1-7 that God’s basic, designated role for civil governments in their sphere of authority and responsibility is to punish evil and commend what is good. The apostle Paul instructs us in I Timothy 2:2 to faithfully pray for those who serve us as civil servants in order that “we may live peaceful and quiet lives in godliness and holiness.”
CCO will be welcoming the following local/regional leaders to serve on a panel discussion zeroing in on issues that we and our families are concerned about:
           - City of Oceanside Police Captain Mike Kos
           - Oceanside City Councilman Rick Robinson
           - City of Vista Mayor John Franklin
           - Kristal Jabara, Director of Community Relations for SD County Supervisor, Jim Desmond
           - CA Assembly District #74 Representative Laurie Davies
If you could ask a question to one or more of the above local leaders, what would it be? What problem or topic of a local nature would you like our panel members to address? Send your ideas to [email protected] by September 24th.
We hope to see you there!