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During the last election, a large number of people that came into our voting poll were surprised to see their voting preference had been changed without their knowledge (party preference and/or absentee voting), therefore we highly recommend you check your current status even if you hadn't planned on making any changes.

*If you need to change your Name, Address, or Party Affiliation, you will need to re-register. Please go to the link below if you live in San DiegoCounty, or pick up a voter registration form in the Church Office Monday thru Friday 9am-3pm.
SALT & LIGHT is a Biblical Citizenship Ministry that exists to help educate and equip Christians in matters of family, church and civil government. We have monthly prayer & action meetings to discuss current hot topics and how we can engage the culture and protect our Christian Liberty. We offer opportunities for voter registration & provide non-partisan voting materials during election years.

VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE - The November 2020 Election is coming quickly & the outcome could change the balance of power for the unborn: only a razor-close margin separates both
Houses of Congress and the White House from becoming controlled by either pro-life champions or pro-abortion radicals. Religious liberty and the appointing of pro-life, conservative Judges is also at stake.

America needs prayer

Download this "FAST FORWARD AMERICA" 40 prayer guide!

voter guides

Download the Party Platform and Presidential Voter Guide to compare with your convictions.