Check-In & Registration

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Download church center today!

Download the Church Center app on your mobile device. Use the Church Center App to check-in members of your household and scan the app when you arrive at church to print labels. Once you've scanned the Church Center app at the station, it prints the appropriate labels immediately, without having to make changes on the station.
It's easy, fast, and helps with contactless check-in.

Check-In System:

CCO City Kids offers a fast, safe and secure check-in system. Our check-in kiosks are open 15 minutes before and after services start so we can print out the children's check-in and claim tickets before they enter their classes. After the children have been registered in the system it is easy to use with a few easy touches on the screen.
Please check your child in at the City Kids check-in kiosk each week. For your child’s first visit, you will be asked to register at our "New Families" Kiosk. We use this to record pertinent information and dates when your child visits us. After your initial visit, they become a regular attendee and will receive a permanent name sticker. It is important that you indicate if your child has any allergies, special needs, or custody issues so we can address your needs. You can also get a head start and register below.

Security & Pick-up:

Numbers are assigned at the check-in kiosk, a name/number sticker is presented to the parent who checked the child in. If your child should need you during the service, this number will flash on the red lighted number panel located in the sanctuaries. At pick up, your child will only be released to the person with the  name/number claim sticker. All City Kids team members go through special training and are processed and screened for Megan’s Law and International clearance. They also will be wearing a name badge to identify them as City Kids team members.

check-in times

Saturday Night 5:45pm - 6:20pm
Sunday 1st service 8:45am - 9:20am
Sunday 2nd service 10:45am - 11:20am
Wednesday Night CKC 5:45pm - 6:20pm
These check in times are designed to make sure that the classroom and learning experience is enjoyable for your child as well as help provide an uninterrupted time for the teachers. If a child comes in later than the check-in times the teacher would have to stop what they are doing to check the child into the classroom and then have to either re-explain the curriculum or give the instructions again for the craft or other place that they are in the classroom schedule. Please understand that we are doing what is best for the overall continuity of the children's ministry, kid’s and the teachers. Thank you for your prayers and support!

registering your child

Use the following buttons to register your child for Midweek Childcare. First time users? Click the "Pre-Registration" button to register your family now to be sure you're in the system before your first visit.

info update

Need to update your child's profile or medical information? Please use the following button.