Josh Wise - Tech Director

Tech team: Video, Sound, Media

There is so much going on behind the scenes here at our church services that you may have never known the Lord was calling you to be a part of. The Bible tells us that serving the Lord is an act of worship, and within Tech Ministry we have a unique opportunity to assist in leading the body of Christ to worship at the feet of our Savior.

Video: Whether you sit in the back row at church, watch live on one of your devices, or come back to watch later online, Tech Team Video servants strive to bring every worship song and sermon to life and magnified before our eyes. Helping operate our video production cameras and software is no little feat; it takes a big team willing to learn, adapt and work together.

Sound: Our pastors and worship team may have permanently lost their voices by now if there weren't any sound servants to give them a little volume assistance! Sound engineering is a much-needed way to serve the Lord here at CCO across a wide variety of venues. If you have musical ears and are open to learning, we can equip you to brighten the sweet melodies of worship behind a board.

Media: Whether it’s displaying lyrics to assist you in worshipping along or popping up announcement slides so you can stay informed, our media servants pay close attention to timing and detail. Simple to learn and fun to master, using presentation software and creativity they assist the body of Christ, pastors and worship teams across multiple venues get the appropriate media up on the big screen.

To get plugged into Tech Team please email Josh Wise: [email protected]