Whether you’ve been a widow for 1 day or many years this group will allow you to express and explore the ins and outs of bereavement and the sorrow this sorrow that sears our soul. You will be amongst others, including the facilitators, who have also walked this walk. Prayer, encouragement, conversation, and approaches to help rebuild our souls will be offered in order to help us grow and heal and bring beauty from ashes.

Join us as we meet every third Sunday of the month from 1:00-2:30 PM, upstairs in Room D at CCO
Starting June 19th, 2022

Whether you have been a Widow or Widower for one day or many years this group of men and women who have lost their spouse will allow you to express your grief with others like yourself. Each person experiences grief differently and the time it takes to feel normal again varies. It is our prayer that as you study, converse, fellowship and find common ground with toward healing with fellow widows & widowers. You will be encouraged as you rebuild your life along with others that are doing the same.

Join us as we meet in the CCO Prayer Room on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm weekly.