Shawn cartwright

On July 22, 1975, Robert & Kim Cartwright, a young recently married couple gave birth to a baby that GOD knew even before he was in his mother’s womb. Soon after, they agreed to give this child the name, Shawn Jason Cartwright. From that day forward this child grew in the image of his parents and learned the ways of the world and culture that surrounded him.

As time went on GOD made His presence known to Shawn, and gave many opportunities for him draw near and know Jesus as the Christ Son of the living GOD, recognizing these opportunities for what they were he would respond, but only half-heartedly.
Then came the day, when all of the ways of the world, revealed themselves for what they are in reality – void, emptiness of substance, deception upon deception, lies upon lies, and in the end a great disappointment. Having come to the realization that this world would never satisfy him, Shawn began to seek out truth.

It wasn’t long until one day in October, 2001 when Shawn cried out to GOD in all sincerity. If You are there, I know that You hear me, and if you are not, I am simply talking to the air. But if you do hear me, I want to know You; I can’t play this game anymore! Shawn poured his heart out to an unknown GOD that day not knowing that Scripture says, “You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for me with all your heart” Jeremiah 29:13.

The very next day nothing very drastic or radical happened, but a change of heart had begun internally and began to manifest itself through a desire for change. The first change that emerged in Shawn’s heart was a desire for different music, discontent with the same songs day after day he decided to change his radio dial to the radio station that he listened to as a young boy. But not living in the same city, the desired radio station, to his surprise was a Christian radio station that we know as K-WAVE 107.9. Somehow recognizing it immediately as the Word of GOD, Shawn’s first response was to change it, but in the millisecond it took to recall what he had asked GOD to do the night before and in the time it takes to change a radio dial, Shawn recognized this was no coincidence. So he left the dial where it was, and decided to listen to what GOD wanted to say to him.

That same day Shawn asked GOD for forgiveness and repented of his ways, gave his life completely over to the rule and reign of Jesus the Christ, Son of the Living GOD, the One who is, who was, and who will be forevermore. The Great I AM. YHWH. GOD Almighty. He sought out baptism not many days after.

Shawn considers that day often, and knows with all certainty that our GOD lives.

Shawn has followed GOD closely from that time until today, has been a member of Calvary Chapel Oceanside since the spring of 2003. Shawn served the youth with Pastor Abel until he was given the opportunity to serve in Mexico as a missionary. It was in Mexico that  GOD gave him yet another “new” heart for the Spanish speaking community. While in Mexico, GOD also gave him his beloved wife Cricelda and 2 of his 3 children, John, Samantha and recently born here in Oceanside, Jeremiah.

Shawn is now called by GOD, to be the pastor of our Spanish services.