rick cruz

What the enemy has meant for evil but God! Genesis 50:20
I grew up in Northern/Central California.  I didn’t grow up in a Christian home which lead to me living a life that lead to my utter demise and destruction.  At the age of 22 Gods love radically changed me forever.  Now having a personal relationship with Jesus I could never go back to the way life was.  My girlfriend at the time, now wife and I committed all to Jesus and didn’t look back!  I am blessed with an amazing woman, I have been married to and serving Jesus with for the past 22 years.  We have 5 soon to be 6 talented, beautiful children.  By God grace for the past 20 years we been serving Jesus from church plants to youth ministry and everything in between.  I enjoy spending time with my family, cold brew and surfing.  A life verse for me has been Genesis 50:20, what the enemy has meant for evil but God!  This is the cry for us as believers BUT GOD and a message for the lost!