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 Marriage is one of God's most beautiful creations and is given as a picture of Christ's sacrificial love for the Church. Marriage is the righteous design and decree of our holy God. As Roderick Huron states, "The apostle Paul chose marriage to symbolize the union between Christ and His Church. God's glorious word commends marriage to be honored among all people." God's desire for your marriage is that it be a place where sorrows are divided and joys are multiplied. Fight for your marriage. Satan does! "I know a place created by God as part of his plan for our existence and survival. I know a place where I am loved and accepted. I know a place where I am forgiven when I make a mistake. I know a place where I belong. This place is called the family." When the family breaks down, everyone loses. Higher poverty rates, more teen runaways, gang membership, school dropouts and suicide all increase. Anxiety, guilt, depression, drug and alcohol experimentation all rise when the family breaks down. Fight for your family. Satan does!

Resources we offer your family:

Couples Retreats, Date Nights, Family Camp, Financial Seminars, Love and Respect Conferences, Marriage Builders, Marriage Mentoring, Pre-Marital Counseling, Young Marrieds.

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