past studies

forged - The making of a man of god

The ManUp brotherhood is being called to the anvil in our new series “Forged”. In many ways our lives are like raw metal in the hands of a Master Blacksmith. The fire of His forge is glowing with redemptive purity, and with purpose and destiny He wields the Divine Hammer in our lives to forge us into the godly character of Christ. Through the crushing blows of life’s defeats to the triumphs of victory, He is shaping us on His anvil. In the life of David, we see such a clear representation of this process as God forges Him in the fires of affliction and testing. David’s life is one of victory and defeat, trial and triumph. Through His journey as a shepherd, psalmist and king, he was sharpened into a “Man after God’s own heart”. There are life lessons and character formation that can only be embedded within us on the anvil of God. This is the Master’s method for the Making of a Man of God. This is the Blacksmith’s desire for each of us, that we might be Forged.

When Jesus gave His famous command to His followers to "Go therefore" into all the world and make disciples, He never intended for them to be alone on this mission .He also gave the Promise of the Holy Spirit who would be God indwelling them to empower them for life as disciples and to complete the work He began.  As disciples in modern society, there is such a temptation to accomplish God's work without the power and leading of the Holy Spirit.  Man's wisdom and resources abound, but God is calling His Church to remember Him and not rely on human strength and initiative.  Manup is inviting you to a 12 week journey to consider the Person and work of the Holy Spirit as God, and to fully surrender to His leading and empowerment in your life.  We are called to more, and we must remember, it's His Spirit that will accomplish the work!

Manup recently went through a study in the post-exilic history of the Old Testament called “Arise & Build”.

As we journeyed through Nehemiah, Ezra and Haggai, the studies covered a period of history where the people of God were given a divine mandate to rebuild the Temple and the Walls around the City of Jerusalem in the midst of troublesome times.  Sadly, only a small percentage heeded the call.  Much like our day, we need godly men to see the ruins around us and employ themselves in God’s calling to the task at hand.  The vision for this study is to further equip the men of CCO in the areas of leadership, recognizing the call of God, returning to the Word of God, preparing for spiritual battle and overcoming opposition.  

Our CCO Men’s Ministry is rallying the men to join in on the new ManUp series “Multiply”.
Disciples that make disciples.  Sounds simple enough, right?  What may be simple is not always easy.  Jesus gave both a command and a promise when He said "Follow Me”, and "I will equip you to find others to follow Me".  If we're not careful, we can relegate the Christian life to church attendance and behavior modification.  But what is Jesus really calling us to?  A fruitful life in Christ will be spiritually replicated by bearing new life in others.  In other words, we will Multiply.  The vision as we move forward in this emphasis is to challenge the men of CCO to give themselves wholly to being disciples that are intentional about seeing others made into disciples of Jesus Christ.