Manup Events

past events

An "Evening with Al Whittinghill".
Teaching followed by live Q & A.
Bring your own meat and invite someone to join in!
Hosted by ManUp of course!

Quarantine Classic Manly Mustache and Burly Beard Contest

I don’t know about you, but being cooped up isn’t fun!  We decided to mix things up a bit and have a bit of fun with facial hair!  ManUp hosted a quarantine classic facial hair contest.  Yes, you read that right.


Winner for Manly Mustache:
Jack Swaton

Winner for Burly Beard:
jason roach

Winner for crazy follicles:
jeff schubert

postponed until further notice

Jesus has called His disciples to express their faith and trust in Him by honoring Him through water baptism. Nothing more clearly demonstrates our identity with Him in His Death, Burial, and Resurrection. Have you sealed your identification with Christ in this way? If not, you may not be alone. Manup is hosting a special evening of Food, Fellowship and Baptism for those men who desire to express their union with Christ publicly. Family members are welcome to join in and celebrate. Please bring some meat or a side to share!