You may be wondering, “why does Manup have its own Creed”? It’s simple really, we have been
called and compelled to live accountably before God and one another. During our journey through
Ezra & Nehemiah, we were challenged to Arise & Build in our personal lives, families and spheres
of influence. This message impacted each of the group leaders in a different way, and we sensed
the Lord wanted us to memorialize what He was revealing to us. Through the collective effort of the
Manup group leaders, our Creed was forged. You’ll notice it’s not a set of laws or rules to live by, but
Holy Spirit governed desires and initiatives that have been burned in through conviction in knowing
the Scriptures, and most importantly, the heart of God for the men of the Church. Any man who is
willing can join in with us, but be forewarned, God will hold us to this. He is worthy!
-Pastor Kevin Bruce