the heart of humility

1. Why do you think that Paul and Silas didn’t try to escape? Why did they stay in their cells?

2. In what ways do you see humility in Paul and Silas? What humility do you see in the guard?

Prayer: Pray that God would continue to give you a humble heart for his purposes and for others.
1. How can each of us change our attitude to the current situation? Go around the room.

2. How can we have joy in the trials like Paul?

3. Some of you kids and young adults probably feel right now like you are in prison. Forced homework. Can’t see friends. Can’t go places like you use to. How can you use this season for the glory of God? How can you be a blessing to others like Paul was in his letter to the Philippian Church?

Prayer: Pray that god would give us a better perspective on our current situation and to be a blessing to others through our personal trials.
1. What would a body look like if every body part did it’s own thing?
    How does that relate to the body of Christ being unified for the Gospel?

2. Have you grumbled or complained about someone or something recently? Did that unify or divide?

3. How is it humble to be unified for the Gospel?

Prayer: Pray that we would all be used for the Gospel.
1. Why is it hard to remember other people and to serve them?

2. What effect does serving have on other people? What effect does it have on the people who watch you serve others?

Prayer: Pray that God would give us opportunities every day to serve others.


1. What are some ways that you exhibit selfishness around your home? Parents, you need to humble yourselves and answer this one too. If you say you have no selfishness what-so-ever read 1 John 1:9.

2. When do you find that you are the most selfish? What excuse do you give yourself for being selfish?

3. Tonight or tomorrow, make an effort to be selfless to everyone in your household. Give, share, prefer others. Make it a point and see how your day changes.

Pray that god will give us a selfless heart.
1.  In what ways do you show your obedience to Jesus?

2. In what areas do you need help in your obedience to Jesus?

3.   How is God working in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure?

Prayer: Ask the Lord to strengthen your obedience to him. Ask him to help you show your love for him through your obedience.

1. What is something that you complain about?

2. What is something that you don’t want others to touch or have?

3. What happens when we are generous with our things as opposed to selfish? How does that make you feel?
Prayer: Pray that the Lord would give you a giving and generous heart.

1. Go around the room and tell everyone the last time you got angry. Were you angry about something that God would be angry about, or angry because things weren’t going your way?
2. Think about the last time you hung out as a family, siblings, your group and three was no fighting. Everyone got along well. What made that time different? Why was everyone getting along?
3. That last question illustrates that we love it when things go our way. We love it even more if things go our way and everyone agrees. How can we do a better job at being unified especially when things don’t go our way?
Prayer: Pray that the Lord would give us contentment when things don’t go our way.

1. What jersey are you wearing? Do people see the Holy Spirit in your life?

2. If everyone in your household tried to truly be humble, how would that make us more united?

3. How does the Holy Spirit lead us to live humble lives?
Pray that you would wear your Holy Spirit jersey all the time and that God would bring people into your lives to share the love of Jesus with.

1. How can we practically see people as greater than ourselves?
2. What is one way you can set an example in your home of serving others?
3. How can letting someone serve you show humility?
Pray that we will be an example to others in humility and service.
1. Why do we like to hold onto our rights so much?
2. What rights or guarantees do we have as Disciples of Christ?
3. Jesus laid down all of His rights as a King to save us. In light of that what should we be willing to do to tell others about Jesus?
Pray that Jesus would hep us to see people the way that he does so that we will lay our lives down just like he did.
Motivation for Humility
  1. What are some (unbiblical) motivations that we can have for obedience?

  2. In what ways does pleasing God makes us feel good? In what ways does disobeying God make us feel bad?

  3. There's a big difference between trying to please God to get him to love you and trying to please God because you know he is already your father. Do you see the difference?

Ask God to teach you to be happy knowing that every time we serve God, we are bringing pleasure to him. Pray that God will help you to remember that every time we humbly serve others, we are bringing a smile to his face.
Work Out Your Salvation With Humility
 1. Read Phil 2:14-15 How do you grumble and whine?  
What part of arguing and fighting do you play in your family or with those you live around?  

2. Read and discuss 1 Thess. 5:8 How can you replace grumbling with gratefulness?

3.  How can you live out publicly "being blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation?” (v.15)

Prayer: Pray that God help us to live humbly before him and others. and Show us how to reflect Christ's humility in all our relationship to the glory of God.
 1. Do you think it was hard for the disciples to believe that Jesus was really alive again after he died on the cross?

2. How does the knowledge of God rewarding those who serve keep you n a place of obedience?

3. How can thinking about the day that we will be with Jesus in heaven keep us humble?

Prayer: Pray that God will keep us unified by his spirit in humility so that we can serve those that God brings into our path.
1. How is flattering others “seeking my own”?

2. Have I ever let someone else’s opinion shape my view of others, only to find out it wasn’t true?  What did you learn?

3. Share a time when you spoke well of someone and watched it be a blessing in their life.

Prayer: Ask the Lord to help you esteem others in the Body of Christ, to speak well of others and avoid negativity and gossip that promotes disunity.  Ask the Lord for grace to truly see others as better than yourself.