Abel Mendez

As a young family in the faith, the Mendez’s were forced to their knees when their son was born with a hip defect which would require leg braces though his childhood. After prayer and entrusting their child to the Lord they were met with good news, the doctor simply asked "Are you Christians? Because your son is healed.”

Born and raised in Riverside, California, Abel grew up attending Harvest Christian Fellowship. At a Junior High Summer Camp Abel first experienced conviction of the Holy Spirit for himself, however it was a long process of wrestling and rebellion which eventually brought Abel to a place of surrender at a Harvest Crusade in 1997.

With a renewed life in Christ, Abel and his high school sweetheart Christina began attending CCO. Six months later, Abel started serving as a leader in the Junior High Ministry. Within 2 years Abel and Christina were married and a year later Abel obeyed God's call to leave his projected path to serve full time as a Junior High Pastor.

Since June of 2000, Abel has served as a Pastor at Calvary Oceanside. He currently oversees all CCO Graphic Production, Student Ministries, and teaches the Young Adults every Thursday Night. God has blessed Abel and Christina with 3 children, Brayden, Adysen and Camryn.